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As a young girl, Rachelle and her family often vacationed in St Lucia.  Over the years, they developed a real love for the people, the culture, and the exciting island way of life.  Rachelle and Donny, her soon-to-be husband, planned an incredible vacation to St Lucia with their closest friends and family members.  There was no better way to experience the island than to embark on a land and sea adventure.

The full-day excursion began with an early morning pick-up at the Windjammer Landing.  An adventurous set of open air jeeps sat ready to take the group on their adventure.  We made our way down the steep windy streets of St Lucia to discover quaint fishing villages and lush banana plantations.  We visited the Sulphur Springs, the world’s only drive-in volcano, and enjoyed spectacular views of the iconic Pitons.

After enjoying lunch comprised of exotic local fare, we hopped on a boat for an adventurous afternoon of sailing, swimming, and snorkeling.

Rachelle and Donny’s St Lucia vacation was a memorable experience for all.  Here are some of our favorite highlights from the land and sea tour of St Lucia: