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Whether you’re traveling the world, going on a holiday with your family, or just enjoying a short weekend adventure, you want the photographs from your trip to be as amazing as the memories you bring home with you.

Ditch the tourist experience, become a traveler, and enjoy your vacation like you’ve always dreamed.  Connect with the people, explore the culture, and fully experience the adventure while your personal photographer captures your story in stunning images.

Traveling is an incredible opportunity to experience the world around us. Documenting that experience with photographs is the best way to preserve those memories - the most treasured keepsakes from our travels.
Think back to all the incredible places you’ve visited. Do your photos capture the experience of being there? Were you able to be in any of them? Maybe you had to rely on the kindness of strangers or gimmicks like a selfie stick to snap a photo of you and your family. Chances are the results weren't very satisfying.
My Traveling Photographer offers stylish and creative contemporary portraits of you and your guests as well as beautiful scenics of all your favorite places throughout the trip. Photography coverage that is as comprehensive and all-inclusive or as simple and understated as you desire.
At the conclusion of your travels, you will receive all the fully edited digital files, a password protected online viewing gallery, and a masterfully designed contemporary vacation album.