Welcome to My Traveling Photographer.

After many years of working as a professional photographer, I have traveled to tropical destinations from Oahu to St Lucia and areas in between.  Additional assignments have brought me all over the world to Australia, Greece, Monaco, Thailand and beyond.

I revel in the excitement of traveling to new locations.  After hearing numerous stories from families feeling frustrated by the quality of images they captured on their vacations, I knew I had a great opportunity to offer a different type of photography experience that combined my passion for travel.

We offer a comprehensive photographic documentation of your vacation adventure.  Beautiful scenics from each location traveled, all the candid moments in between, and elegantly captured family portraits are all included.  It’s the perfect blend of a photojournalistic approach to capturing your vacation experience mixed with the expertise of a professional portrait photographer.

As you begin to plan your next epic vacation, think of how great it will be to have professionally captured photographs from your trip.  My Traveling Photographer is there to capture the memories as well as document the experiences of your trip of a lifetime.

Life is an awfully big adventure …